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• Is the Universe really infinite or it is just very large?
• How old is the Universe?
• Is there anything esle besides this Universe?
• The universe will expand or are just our definitions of length and time changing?
• Does the universe have a purpose?
• How did the universe begins?
• Are we alone in the universe?
• What was the primary condition of the universe?
• What are the scientific methods to test various theories about the initial state of the universe - Cosmogenesis?
• If space and time are not fundamental in the deepest scientific description of the universe, how did they occur?
• The Complexity of the universe increases? If yes, for how long? There are theoretical limits for the complexity of the universe?
• What fabric is the universe made​​ off?
• Is time travel possible?

• Why there is something rather than nothing?
• What is the purpose of living?
• What were the first forms of life in the universe? How can we prove this?
• Can science explain the transition from chemicals to life (bios)?
• How to define life in the context of the limits of the substance (matter) and life (energy)? What is life made off​​?
• Are we alone in the universe?
• How do we decide between right and wrong?

• Does the evolution explain human nature and the moral character of its acts?
• Is man the last link in the evolutionary chain?
• It is valid the assertion of neuroscience that God, morality and faith are merely functions of nerve centers that may be missing in some people?
• What makes us really "human" (ie. different from other life forms)?
• What is the conscience? Can it be physically located? Where? At what level of civilization can we talk about consciousness?
• What happens when a person dies?
• How do you know that you know (something, of course)?

*These BQ (big questions) will become AQ (asumated questions) for each researcher that asumes it in order to solve or, at least, give a response to it.

The Research Center on the Dialogue between Science and Theology aims, via its multidisciplinary team, to answer three sets of questions that are a major concern for our world in the last period and beyond. In this regard, our current and future projects are heading toward elucidating and finding appropriate, consistent and documented responses to questions like these:
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