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By placing the research community of 'Dialogo project' at the heart of everything we do, we strive for a future where researchers are motivated to work together with theologians, empowered with the tools and services they need to do so, and freed from any barriers that stand in their way of getting along with eachother. We aim to maximize the impact of scientific research through openness and global collaboration as we truly believe that science works best when research is open.

When you publish, edit, or peer review with the Dialogo journal, you become part of a community that will support you and enable you to share research with a relevant global audience. This way, together, we maximize the impact, reach, and visibility of your research.
Our journal's service niche and broader communities of researchers all over the world. They would not be the useful and impactful publications they are without the expert researchers that publish within the Dialogo journal.
Our journal is handled by dedicated Editors who are active in the specific communities they serve and are discoverable in the world's leading scientific indexes. Also, due to the multi-disciplinary profile of Dialogo Journal, voluntary reviewers from all domains involved in such dialogue with religious theologies are dedicated to help with your manuscripts and technical corrections.
We value and trust our peer reviewers from across the globe who help ensure that the research published in the Dialogo journal is of the highest quality it can be. The proof of this lies in the multi-indexed recognision of our journal.
Here, you can find out everything you need to know about being an Author, Editor or Reviewer at
the Dialogo journal.

• Dialogo Publishing House (CUI 26941707) is a publisher of scholarly open access journal, i.e. Dialogo. All our journal's articles uphold a peer-reviewed, rapid, and rigorous manuscript handling and editorial process.
• DPH journal is the perfect place for you to publish your work under an open access license, in a fast and straightforward manner. Our journal is indexed in the leading databases and, since it is open access, have a broad readership.
• With more than 10 years of experience, DPH strives to provide an open platform to facilitate and mediate collaboration on multiple levels between researchers and theologians of any type, to promote exchange of ideas and collaborative innovation, to upgrade reflection and research on important public issues to which any religious theology can make a helpful contribution that is essential in the relation between science and religion in this era; scientists are also invited to manifest their ideas/theories on the topics in a constructive manner.
As a pioneer open access publisher with this particular purpose - to bridge science with theology - our mission is to make new research findings accessible to everyone. We are serving scholars from across the globe and from a variety of backgrounds. To deepen our understanding of the research communities that we serve, we aim to build a journal that is just as diverse and inclusive. Only by valuing differences can we create an equitable and inclusive work environment and foster the openness that is key to our mission.

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*These information and much more about Dialogo journal are to be found in their extent on dedicated webpage. For more information please contact the chief-editor, Ciocan T. Cosmin via email.

The Research Center on the Dialogue between Science and Theology aims, via its multidisciplinary team involved in Dialogo Publishing House, to answer actual questions that are a major concern for our world in the last period and beyond. In this regard, our current and future projects are heading toward elucidating and finding appropriate, consistent and documented responses to problems of worldwide concern.
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RCDST provides to all interested teachers and researchers a series of books, in Romanian or English, appeared in last years on the subjects RCDST has its areas of research. All materials appearing in this project are displayed with teaching and research purposes only, without commercial interest, as ORDA disposed in 2013. To enter our "reading" room will be necessary registration and will be required the authentification of the position of either researcher / teacher / student. Also, anyone who wants to share with other researchers manuals, books or other materials indicated by our research, can take part in the improvement of the library`s book fund by submitting data and materials (pdf / epub) to the virtual library administrator.

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