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—  2013 - The 1st International Virtual Conference on Advanced Scientific Results (SCIECONF-2013), Virtual international conference, first one, Slovakia, Zilina, June 10 - 14. LINK.
—  2013 - The 2nd Virtual International Conference on Advanced Research in Scientific Areas (ARSA-2013), Virtual international conference, Slovakia, December 2 - 6, 2013. LINK.
—  2013 - The 1st Virtual Multidisciplinary Conference (QUESTI-2013), Virtual international conference, December 16 – 20, 2013, Zilina, Slovakia. LINK.
—  2013-2014 - Toward a Science of Consciousness 20th Anniversary - The Tucson Conference, Virtual international conference, April 21-26, 2014. LINK.

In our attempt to promote multidisciplinary dialogue and provide as many ways as it can to make this goal possible, we display in this page not only events supported or carried on by our research center, or those that we are involved in with our collaboration, but also those events that can add value to our efforts, motivating both us, the people from this Center, and our headings readers to participate in each of these events.
So, you will find many links, quarterly updated, to conferences and research similar with ours, all around the world to which we invite you to join us in order to broaden our meditations.

"He, who is not informed, can not take responsibility. Who is informed can not help himself but to take responsibility. "
(from Jan Calzon)
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—  2014 - The 1st International Virtual Conference on the Dialogue between Science and Theology (DIALOGO-CONF-2014), Conferinta internationala online, etapa a 1-a, Romania, November 6 - 11. Documente informative.

About DIALOGO-CONF-2014: the first anniversary of the opening of RCDST
DIALOGO-CONF 2014 (virtual conference) gives you a great new way to participate in the fully fledged, scientific and professional conference without personal participation. DIALOGO Virtual Conference will run continuously during November 6 to 11, 2014 at www.dialogo-conf.com. DIALOGO Virtual Conference is designed for both scientific and theologians groups; it serves as a means to connect and engage creative educators, researchers, theologians, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, biologists, geneticists, anatomists, neurologists, psychologists and others, in the topics and fields in which they are most passionate about. At the virtual conference, you have access to all articles in the conference at any time and can use virtual discussion with the author of any article at any time with an opportunity to discuss ideas, findings, and how to proceed with a project in the future.
All conference articles will be reviewed.
Accepted articles will be published in the conference proceedings Proceedings of the Virtual International Conference on the Dialogue between Science and Theology 2014 with ISBN and ISSN (coming soon).
Top rated papers will be sent for indexing in selected databases. Conference proceedings will be sent for evaluation in SSRN, SCOPUS database. Section sessions are:

(topics under consideration: the origin and evolution of the universe; cosmic coincidences and the anthropic principle; conditions for extraterrestrial intelligent civilizations; Is there anything esle besides this Universe?; the fabric of  the universe; universe with life or nothing).

(topics under consideration: the origin and evolution of life; extraterrestrial life; define life in the context of the limits of the substance (matter) and life (energy); What is life made of?).

(topics under consideration: humankind’s past, present and future; mind and consciousness; free will and human behavior; death and after it, etc.)